Welcome to The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy. In a professional, friendly, and comfortable setting, our COVD board certified doctor and certified optometric vision therapists provide personalized patient care adapted to each individual’s specific needs. With a highly credentialed staff and state of the art facility, our expert team is dedicated to providing the highest quality optometric vision therapy care services with YOU – the patient – as the focus of our practice.


Did You Know…?

Credentials: Doctors of Optometry
Optometrists who provide vision therapy services have varying credentials. To understand better the differences in credentials, please Click Here.

Credentials: Briana Larson, OD, FCOVD, FAAO
Dr. Briana Larson, a developmental optometrist is COVD board certified in vision development and therapy. She completed a post-doctorate clinical residency in vision therapy and rehabilitation with emphasis in pediatric optometry; a credential achieved by less than 1% of optometrists nationwide. In 2012, The American Academy of Optometry inducted her as a Fellow of the Academy. Dr. Larson has the distinction of being the lone practicing optometrist in the state of Texas with this exclusive set of Credentials. Read More.

Complimentary Consultation
You can schedule a complimentary (no cost) consultation with Dr. Larson to discuss your or your child’s visual system concerns and recommended potential next steps. To request a complimentary consultation, please Click Here.

Pre-Screening Form
A pre-screening form can be used to determine if a consultation with a developmental optometrist is warranted for a child or adult. View and print the form by clicking the appropriate form. Child or Adult

Choosing a Practice
There is an objective process for choosing a doctor and vision therapy practice that aligns with what is personally important to you. Selecting a doctor and a practice is typically a personal and very significant but challenging decision with optometrists who provide vision therapy services having varying credentials. To assist you in selecting the vision therapy practice that best meets your unique and specific requirements, please Click Here.