4 Signs Pediatric Vision Therapy Could Benefit Your Child

Is your child struggling with his or her vision? The American Optometric Association’s research shows that one in four children suffer from a vision problem that affects their learning. Despite annual vision screenings, many of these problems go undetected by parents and the education system year after year. If you see your child present conspicuous symptoms of poor or impaired vision, it might be time to seek pediatric vision therapy. There are also more subtle signs in nature that are harder to readily detect.

Children will display these signs when they’re at school, trying to work or play with strain. They may have trouble reading or paying attention to the teacher. Look out for these signs at home or in the classroom that vision therapy for children may be beneficial:

Attention Issues

Many children with vision problems get misdiagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They may have eye movement problems and deficits in their visual processing skills, so they struggle at school and become frustrated and restless. These children can’t sit still, don’t want to perform activities that require visual concentration, and act out. Vision therapy can help children by correcting the visual mechanics and processing issues that cause attention issues.

Getting Confused and Reversing Text

Dyslexia is a common thought when children are experiencing visual processing problems. They will read in the wrong direction, reverse letters and numbers, and jump around while reading. While they may also be dyslexic, there are often other visual issues to diagnose, and pediatric vision therapy could help.

Poor Reading Skills

Your child might be behind a grade level in reading or have difficulty understanding and remembering what they’ve read. They guess at words, confuse similar words, and don’t recognize words they just read. They likely read slowly and carefully, without the confidence of a skilled reader. They are also likely having issues with their handwriting and spelling.

Frequent Headaches and Pain

If your child is complaining of frequent head pain or eye blurriness, and you see them rubbing their eyes or temples a lot, there may be issues with their vision. They may also feel exhausting after completing visual tasks, and their eyes may be dry, red, or watery.

How Can Vision Therapy for Children Help?

If your child is exhibiting these signs of vision problems, they may have issues such as:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Double vision
  • Convergence insufficiency
  • Strabismus (eye alignment issues)
  • Tracking problems
  • Visual processing deficiencies

Pediatric vision therapy can directly address these issues, with a developmental optometrist making a diagnosis after a thorough evaluation of the symptoms. Good vision is an integral part of setting your child up to succeed in school and life, so help them by scheduling a vision therapy consultation. If your child is exhibiting vision problems, vision therapy could be the answer.

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