4 Ways that VT Can Help Adults

Written By: Ms. Sylena

4 Ways that VT Can Help Adults


Remember when you were 16 years old and bursting with excitement when you got behind the wheel?  Once you were able to drive, the entire world feels in reach and you reach a whole new level of independence.  With driving, there are many skills that must function together to help you focus on the cars in front of you and also keep an eye on your speed.  Scanning, eye teaming, eye focusing, and central-peripheral are just a few of the skills that help keep you safe and alert out on the road.

Grocery Shopping

A routine errand that we all partake in, whether it is picking up some meat to throw on the grill, stocking on up on foods for the week, or running in for that one spice you need for dinner.  You must use a visual map to guide your body through the store and visual scanning abilities to find the item you are looking for.  If there is any disruption of the visual system, it can make a seemingly simple task such as scanning highly difficult


Yes, there is research saying multi-tasking is not always the best method of completing tasks of your to-do list.  However, in our fast-paced world with various rings from the phone and dings from your email, it is difficult to stay completely attentive to one task at a time. Working on visual attention and visual processing speed can help with this.

Reading/Computer Work

80% of what we learn is taken in and processed through our visual system.  Higher work demands require more near work which includes reading and computer work.  Generally, when we spend more than 30 minutes at a time working on intensive near tasks, there is increased strain on your eyes.  Working on eye teaming and accommodative skills can help improve visual stamina, while following the 20/20/20 rule*.

*(Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds)

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