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Can Vision Therapy Improve Your Game?

Can Vision Therapy Improve Your Game?   Vision is one of the most important aspects in any sport. Athletes are constantly taking in and processing visual information that helps them be in the right place at the right time. Vision also determines timing, which is everything in sports! There are many visual aspects that all […]

Letter after Vision Therapy

An OCVT parent on Jayden’s Vision Therapy Program: “We were completely satisfied with our experience @ OCVT. After 32 session with the skillful Drs. and Ms. Taylor, Jayden’s therapist, her eye teaming has improved greatly. Here are some highlights we’ve noticed that are a result of our experience with your clinic: Jayden is much more […]

Not-So-Silent Reading

Not-So-Silent Reading Jonathan Gaspar, COVT If you’re like most people, myself included, you probably think you are a pretty proficient reader. You’ve never had any issues with reading and you’re happy with your reading speed. As you’re reading this to yourself your inner voice is saying each and every word as your eyes glide across […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Vision Therapy

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Vision Therapy With brain injuries on the rise in recent years, it is important to know the damage caused to the vision system resulting from the incidents. Traumatic brain injuries or TBI’s refer to injuries such as concussions and strokes. These injuries can cause many new visual symptoms that the patient […]

VISION THERAPY- Will it really help my child in the classroom?

VISION THERAPY- Will it really help my child in the classroom? Written by Ashley Coley, COVT                 75%-80% of the information learned in the classroom is remediated through the visual system. Do you know someone who is struggling in the classroom and you have been unable to determine […]

Tips for Handling Anxiety

Written by Adam Lundell, OCVT Vision Therapist   Does your child have anxiety? Are you unsure if your child may have anxiety? First of all, let’s throw out any negative associations with that word, because over 6.8 million Americans live with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Many children deal with anxiety, and when I say “anxiety” […]

There’s More to Vision than What We “See”

          by: Aubrey Breithaupt, OD   Have you ever tried balancing on one foot or standing heel-to-toe with your eyes closed?  It is not as easy as one would think to maintain proper body positioning and balance without the use of our vision.  Attempting this, you might start to sway, wobble, […]

The Road to Recovery

Brain Injury Symposium: The Road to Recovery               By: Dr. Alisa Nola   This past week, I had the honor and privilege of attending the 16th Annual Brain Injury Symposium hosted by the Alamo Head Injury Association. The timing was perfect as March is Brain Injury Awareness month. I […]

Pursuing a Passion: The Vision and Learning Connection

    by: Dr. Briana Larson, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, FNORA Executive Director and Founder of OCVT       Personal life experience and challenges with undiagnosed vision system deficiencies Growing up, I was the child who was always pulled out of class for reading tutoring and reading intervention.  I still remember some of the readers […]

4 Ways that VT Can Help Adults

By: Ms. Sylena Driving Remember when you were 16 years old and bursting with excitement when you got behind the wheel?  Once you were able to drive, the entire world feels in reach and you reach a whole new level of independence.  With driving, there are many skills that must function together to help you […]