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Advocating on Behalf of all Babies!

Angela Aguilar, COVT   Perhaps you found my title a little dramatic – but I am hoping it caught your attention! It all starts with an adorable baby I recently met; her name is Emma. I confess, I love babies. I actually do not know many people that don’t go a little crazy when they […]

The Power of Praise and How it can affect Children’s Mindset

Ranjani Panda, Vision Therapist   According to Carol Dweck, (Professor of Psychology at Stanford University who does research in personality, development, and motivation), there are two types of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. People with a fixed mindset tend to believe that the characteristics they possess are fixed traits and that intelligence […]

The Power of Visualization

      Ashley Alavi, COVT Whether it’s for personal, professional, athletic, or academic aspirations, we hear it all the time: visualize your goals and you can achieve them! But how does our visual processing system play a role in this? Moreover, if someone has a deficit in visual processing skills, does this put them […]

Getting out of the Blues: 7 Tips to Healthier Eyes in a Digital World

Written by: Alisa Nola, OD In this digital age, almost every aspect of our lives is dependent on using some sort of electronic device, such as phones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. Textbooks and news are now accessed digitally and homework can be completed and submitted on the computer. Think about how many times a day […]

Vision and Driving

Natsuki Hara – Vision Therapist Have you ever thought about all of the visual components that pertain to driving? In order to receive your driver’s license, the vision exam comprises only of tests that determine your visual acuity. In other words, if you have the corrective lenses (glasses or contacts), you are clear. The following […]

Mrs. Julie's Story

Mrs. Julie's Story from Allie McIver on Vimeo. Mrs. Julie describes her experiences after a stroke and how vision therapy has improved her awareness, balance and vestibular system.

Mrs. Melanie's Story

Mrs. Melanie’s Story from Allie McIver on Vimeo. Watch Ms. Melanie’s story about how vision therapy impacted her life and tips for people interested in vision therapy.

7 Ways to Boost Home Activity Motivation and Success

Annie Ramirez, COVT OCVT Stone Oak       With school back in session and our regular routines starting up again, vision therapy home activities can sometimes be a challenge to complete. Home activities are incredibly important as repetition at home helps strengthen the neurological pathways that are trained intensely in office. To help improve […]

Matthew's Story

Ivy, Mat – Video Testimonial from Allie McIver on Vimeo. Matthew and his Mom talk about his vision therapy program and how it helped Matthew on his STAAR Test and in the classroom. What a great accomplishment, Matthew!

Sports Vision- Taking your Game to the Next Level

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Rachel from the OCVT Team have been attending baseball tryouts! Not because they want to be part of the team, but because they are spreading the word about SPORTS VISION! As an athlete, you are always finding ways to improve your game – additional offseason practices, strength and conditioning, or individual […]