Concussions and Vision

With concussions drawing national attention in the headlines recently, the subject of symptoms and treatment are important to address.  According to recent research, over 50% of people that have suffered a concussion or have post concussion syndrome suffer from vision related problems.  Some of these problems are gone in 3 months, however others persist long after.  Visual symptoms can include: blurry vision, sensitivity to light, reading and comprehension difficulties, double vision, aching eyes, headaches, problems with processing speed and memory and decreased visual stamina.
With neuro-optometric vision therapy, symptoms can be alleviated as doctors and therapists, are trained to help the underlying issues that are affecting these symptoms such as eye tracking, teaming and focusing.
Dr. Briana Larson, OD, FCOVD, FAAO, FNORA is a fellow of the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association.  With her specialized training and expertise, both athletes and non-athletes can be seen and treated for vision related problems after a concussion or traumatic brain injury.
A great resource for information on vision and concussions can be found here.

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