How Vision Therapy Can Help Brain Injury Recovery

Patients of all ages suffering from traumatic or non-traumatic brain injuries use vision therapy to retrain the brain and eyes to work in harmony. Thankfully, most injuries are amenable to rehabilitation with the help of qualified neuro-optometrists.

Properly Diagnosing Symptoms After a Head Injury
Visual symptoms of brain injury often go undetected during standard eye exams, so it’s important to visit a qualified neuro-optometrist after receiving a blow to the head (whether during combat, on the football field, or after a fall). You’ll also want to visit the neuro-optometrist if you experience abnormal visual problems that affect your line of sight, balance, reasoning ability, and general well-being.

A neuro-optometrist will evaluate all eye functions to eliminate possible brain and eye injuries. After examining general vision, eye and brain coordination, and integrations to determine the extent of your injuries, they can devise a treatment plan tailored to your rehabilitative needs. The following testing devices are commonly used for diagnosing visual problems that may point to brain injury.

Reclaim Visual Function Through Vision Therapy
If a patient is found to have a brain injury after a thorough examination, vision therapy can help them take back control of their visual system. Qualified neuro-optometrists work with the individual to strengthen neuro-connections between the brain and eyes, helping resolve visual deficiencies so patients can move through life seeing more clearly. By performing activities using specialized instruments and computer technology, patients retrain their brains to coordinate eyes, shift gaze, coordinate movement, and more. Treatment regimens commonly incorporate lenses, prisms, low vision aids, and at-home and in-the-office activities that improve visual control and efficiency.

Schedule Your Consultation Today
Neuro-optometry is an important practice area requiring rigorous study and experience. At OCVT, we’re proud to work with Dr. Briana Larson, a fellow of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association. Alongside our certified vision therapists, Dr. Larson works with patients to diagnose brain injury-related vision problems, devising personalized treatment plans that address patients’ unique goals. If your vision is impaired following a head injury, schedule a complimentary consultation with us today to confirm a diagnosis and begin strengthening your visual system.

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