Will Insurance cover Vision Therapy treatments?

Vision and eye care insurance plans that cover eye examinations, eye glasses or contact lenses do not provide coverage for Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation treatments.

Vision Therapy or Vision Rehabilitation is used to treat diagnosed vision disorders & conditions. In many cases, Vision Therapy/Rehabilitation is the only available treatment for these disorders & conditions. Treatments may be partially covered under major medical Insurance. However, most Insurance companies and managed care plans may deny or place severe limits on coverage for vision therapy services.

Your major medical insurance company may partially cover our Vision Therapy related services and we encourage you to seek reimbursement. To assist you, we will provide you with a detailed invoice with the procedural codes to submit with your claim. Prior to treatment, upon request and based on our initial consultation, we will provide you with procedural codes of the potential treatment program to allow you to have preliminary coverage discussions with your insurance company.

It is the responsibility of the patient or patient’s parents/guardians to contact and have discussions with their insurance company and ultimately file their insurance claim.
It is recommended that you do not allow Insurance Companies to make arbitrary decisions that prevent you or your child from receiving the required and appropriate treatment. As always, OCVT’s commitment is to provide the best vision therapy care service with YOU the patient as the focus of our practice.

Is OCVT In Network or Out of Network Provider?

The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy (OCVT) is an out of network provider for all insurance coverage. Out of Network coverage is usually paid at a different rate than In Network coverage. We are not under any contract or discount program with any insurance provider. You are responsible for full payment of services and when there is insurance coverage, you will receive reimbursement from your insurance company directly.

As a specialty optometric practice, being an Out of Network Provider enables OCVT to optimally allocate its optometric vision therapy expertise and resources thus providing our patients with the highest quality optometric vision therapy care.

If denied coverage, can a review/appeal be requested?

Under all forms of major medical Insurance plans, you have a right to request a review of any service that is denied coverage or for which coverage is severely limited. If you believe that your claim was incorrectly evaluated or the decision for coverage was made arbitrarily or unfairly, you should consider requesting a review. To determine how to file for an appeal, you should contact your insurance carrier.