Letter after Vision Therapy

An OCVT parent on Jayden’s Vision Therapy Program:
“We were completely satisfied with our experience @ OCVT. After 32 session with the skillful Drs. and Ms. Taylor, Jayden’s therapist, her eye teaming has improved greatly.
Here are some highlights we’ve noticed that are a result of our experience with your clinic:
Jayden is much more comfortable in space. After a mere 6 weeks with Vision Therapy she finally had the desire to attempt riding a bike and took to it instantly. Rock climbing, swimming, and just all around body confidence has improved a lot!
She achieved her goals in OCVT plan.
The flow of her reading is more on level with her grade, and as a result, is reading more, absorbing more, enjoying the experience of reading more. Hallelujah.
Jayden’s nature is to be a hard worker and that really benefitted her here. We never missed a session or a homework assignment… translation…. success. She had a sense of pride around completion and being a ‘graduate’, proudly wearing her tee shirt that was presented to her as a parting gift.
I’d like to add that I always was impressed with the level of professionalism at OCVT. The staff is so friendly, efficient, and the environment comfortable. As a parent, I enjoyed working with the entire staff very much, and appreciated their patient explanations throughout.
This work makes such a difference. I feel very thankful that Jayden was able to have this help at this time in her life.

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