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The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy (OCVT) is Austin’s premier vision therapy center. Our conveniently located Westlake office provides individualized care to our patients every day. We employ developmental optometrists certified by the College of Optometrists in Visual Development (COVD), who specialize in correcting your visual problems.

You’ll find a professional, friendly, and comfortable setting at our Westlake office. You can look forward to working with developmental optometrists and visual therapists who care about you and your condition. The patient is the center of our practice. Visit our Bee Caves clinic today to start your vision therapy in west Austin.


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6836 Bee Caves Rd Bldg 1 Ste #100
Austin, TX 78746

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(512) 614-1640

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Mon: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
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Sat: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
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We’re here to answer questions about vision therapy, schedule an appointment or consultation for you, or help with directions.

This location is convenient to South Austin, West Austin, and Central Austin. If you live in North Austin, you may find our Pecan Park location more convenient. We also have a location in San Antonio.

If you have a vision emergency, call 911 and visit the hospital immediately.

If you have additional questions about our hours, including holidays, call or email our office staff.

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Set up your complimentary consultation for vision therapy in west Austin today with OCVT. Our professional team will evaluate your visual condition and develop a plan that’s best suited for you. With an individualized treatment, it’s possible to correct conditions like strabismus, amblyopia, double vision, and learning-related vision problems. Schedule an appointment today. Find out how vision therapy can improve your daily life.

Our Westlake Office

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