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The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy (OCVT) has been at the forefront of our field and has proudly been offering virtual appointments for vision therapy for over 10 years. OCVT has been the preferred provider for virtual vision therapy services and has helped patients across Texas, California, Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Connecticut, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia and Michigan and have even provided international services to patients located in Kuwait, Spain, China, Ecuador, Kenya, Thailand, India, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Dutch Caribbean, West Bromnwich, West Midlands and Mauritius Island. With Covid-19, OCVT has conducted thousands of virtual vision therapy sessions in only a few months. Integrating the latest technology, software, and equipment, with advanced techniques and methodologies, OCVT is able to achieve improved visual mechanical skills (eye teaming, tracking and focusing) and visual processing skills (visual-spatial, visual analysis skills, memory, processing speed, visual-motor integrative abilities). These lifelong improvements help increase the patient’s overall performance and success in school, sports and/or work.

Virtual vision therapy sessions are very similar to in-office sessions but are done through virtual platforms from the comfort of your home. OCVT’s vision therapy treatment program consists of doctor-prescribed and supervised one-on-one sessions directed by a highly trained vision therapist. A specialized program of prescribed home activities is implemented between sessions to reinforce the neurological changes we are making during the training sessions. Our doctors conduct regular evaluations to monitor progress and modify treatments and focus areas to ensure we are constantly individualizing the program to fit their current needs. The prescribed length of a vision therapy program varies case by case and is largely dependent on the patient’s initial evaluation results, diagnosis, and symptoms.

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Sophisticated Technology – The Pioneers With Virtual Vision Therapy Application And Administration

HoustonFor more than 10 years, OCVT has developed, tested, and refined a sophisticated virtual experience to ensure we are the leading providers in remote vision therapy. OCVT utilizes handheld tools, the newest software programs while also integrating advanced 3D (real space) tools to deliver vision therapy sessions that closely resemble our sessions that take place in person. We offer vision therapy sessions through several virtual platforms, where our dedicated team works “live” with the patient (and parent or helper if needed) to complete activities that are specific to the patient’s needs. These intense sessions combined with individualized home activities help to build the visual mechanical and visual processing skills needed for improved performance in reading, writing, spelling, memory, and math while also remediating symptoms including reversals, double vision, headaches, and visual fatigue to name a few.

We offer virtual neuro-optometric rehabilitation for a range of conditions and symptoms including:

  • Binocular Vision Disorder
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus
  • Double vision
  • Accommodative Dysfunction
  • Eye tracking disorders
  • Visual processing disorders
  • Head trauma (stroke, concussion, and other brain injuries)
  • Dizziness/Loss of balance
  • Eye strain/fatigue
  • Low vision services

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Depending on a patient’s specialized needs and their visual abilities and stability, OCVT may recommend integrating Vivid Vision at home.

What is Vivid Vision?

HoustonVivid Vision is the cutting-edge technology which provides a unique 3-D virtual reality experience created specifically for the patient based on their diagnosis and needs. Vivid Vision can be useful in improving binocular vision (eye teaming) skills by targeting the following:

  • Breaking down neurological suppression (the process when the brain ignores vision from one eye)
  • Amblyopia is reduced eye sight even with the best correction (i.e. glasses or contacts needed) in place.
  • Assess and treat Strabismus (an eye muscle imbalance where eyes don’t align together)
  • Improve depth perception and eye hand coordination
  • Additional visual processing skills can be integrated including visual memory and visual processing speed

With a variety of games with customizable options, Vivid vision is the most advanced technology in the world developed to treat Amblyopia and Strabismus. The patient’s performance and progress are closely monitored which allows our team to customize the challenge level to ensure a healthy challenge is maintained and maximum progress is made.

Vivid Vision requires direct supervision from a licensed eye care professional and is integrated with the other exercises, all of which can be completed from the comfort of your own home (and on YOUR schedule).

Vivid Vision software is compatible with the Oculus Rift/S/Go/Quest, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and Samsung GearVR


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At the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy, we have developed a specialized and thorough evaluation process to determine if our clinic is the right fit for your vision needs. We are passionate about providing the highest level of care for our patients and families, while also ensuring that every encounter with our team exceeds your expectations. Our Complimentary Consultation is a meeting that provides an opportunity to connect with one of our providers to learn about vision therapy and help determine if vision therapy would benefit you or a loved one. The initial consultation is the first step in developing a customized treatment plan that will ultimately result in the maximum outcomes.

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