Mrs. Julie’s Story On Oct 11, 2016,

Mrs. Julie’s Story from Allie McIver on Vimeo.

Mrs. Julie describes her experiences after a stroke and how vision therapy has improved her awareness, balance and vestibular system.


Question: “What did you experience after your stroke?”

Julie: I was hesitant to pick up my smaller grandchild because I wasn’t really sure about going up and down steps. So, I didn’t do that with her. And now she’s gotten so big I can’t do it anyway.


Which is a good thing!

Question: “What were some of your symptoms after your stroke?”

Julie: It’s been a tremendous help. One of the things that it helps with in my case is understanding what the correlation is between your brain your eyes, the rest of your body, your balance, your agility. There’s an amazing amount of communication that is interrupted.

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