October is ADHD Awareness Month

Does your child have difficulty concentrating in school? Have you been told that your child is disorganized and has hyperactivity? Is your child impulsive?
Trouble in School?  ADHD? Maybe it’s a Learning-Related Vision Problem
Some children with learning difficulties exhibit specific behaviors of impulsivity, hyperactivity, and distractibility. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common term used to describe children who exhibit such behaviors. Undetected and untreated vision problems can elicit some of the very same signs and symptoms that are commonly attributed to ADHD. Due to these similarities, some children with vision problems are mislabeled as having ADHD.
Children who have undiagnosed vision problems such as accommodative dysfunction (focusing the eyes) or poor eye teaming (convergence insufficiency) often seem inattentive in an academic environment. 85 percent of the information we take in is through our visual system, a dysfunctional visual system can result in sensory issues, inattentiveness, impulsivity, dislike of reading, poor organization skills, and many other issues that are associated with ADHD/ADD.
According to the American Optometric Association, studies indicate that 60 percent of children identified as “problem learners” actually suffer from undetected vision problems and in some cases have been inaccurately diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Yet the majority of school-age children have never had an eye exam because they have passed vision screenings at the pediatrician or school nurse’s office.
Common Signs that a Learning Related Vision Problem Might be Present

  1. Inattention
  2. Difficulty following instructions
  3. Takes much longer doing homework than it should take
  4. Has a short attention span with reading and schoolwork
  5. Misbehavior or goofing off in the classroom
  6. Avoidance of school work
  7. Poor organization skills
  8. Forgetful

Vision problems can have a huge impact on academic performance and behavior in the classroom. Parents who suspect a vision problem may be contributing to their child’s learning or behavior problems should arrange for a comprehensive vision examination with a qualified optometrist.  OCVT offers free complimentary consultations with Neuro-Developmental Optometrist, Dr.Briana Larson, the lone practicing optometrist in the state of Texas with her set of credentials.  OCVT is proud to have a team of highly qualified and trained vision therapists who have successfully helped many patients with vision-related learning problems achieve success in school. To see if you or your family member could benefit from OCVT’s services please contact us at the contact information listed below.

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