OCVT Graduate Officially Commits to Colorado State University – Pueblo

OCVT is proud to announce that Vision Therapy graduate, Chase has officially committed to Colorado State University – Pueblo on baseball and academic scholarship for Fall 2018!

While the college application process can be a grueling endeavor for the average high school senior, prospective college athletes have the additional pressure of exemplifying an unblemished sports performance record to collegiate scouts. Sports related injuries can be a typical hardship in the life of a dedicated athlete. However, an incidence such as a sports-related head injury or concussion can result in debilitating symptoms that can impact an athlete’s performance on and off the field.

The Center for Disease Control estimates more than 300,000 sports-related concussions occur each year in the United States. More than 5% of high school athletes are concussed each year while participating in collision sports.

Chase came to OCVT after suffering from two concussions. His chief complaint was trouble hitting the ball, trouble seeing the baseball on the field along with issues with depth perception and double vision.

Chase showed immense commitment and dedication through his program. After receiving a comprehensive exam by Dr. Briana Larson who evaluated the function of his visual skills, Chase began twice weekly vision therapy sessions to remediate his visual deficiencies. Activities that he completed targeted depth perception, eye alignment, hand-eye coordination, processing speed, visual tracking, and more.

“After coming here for just over 6 months, I can honestly say that it’s a night and day difference.” Chase recalls. “I hit better, I field better, and my vision throughout the day improved. I don’t have any headaches anymore.”

Sports related concussions have caught the attention of media, health professionals, and parents alike. Prospective college athletes dedicate countless hours of practice and playing time to reach their goal. While injury is a common side effect, head-injuries or concussions have their own set of challenges with diagnoses and treatment management. Unlike a broken bone or torn ligament, the severity a head injury or concussion may not be immediately noticeable upon impact. It is important to remember that loss of consciousness is not an appropriate indicator for the severity or incidence of a concussion. Head-injury or Concussion related vision symptoms may include issues with double vision, eye focusing, depth perception, dizziness, visual strain or headache, balance issues, difficulty reading, or more. If you or your child has any post-concussion symptoms, seek out a developmental optometrist that specializes in concussion management to receive an evaluation and treatment.

Congratulations Chase! We are so proud of your hard work and success. Go Thunder wolves!

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