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Our Patients

The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy is proud to offer vision therapy for adults and children from across Texas. While most of our patients are from the Austin metro area, we see patients from as far away as El Paso, Texarkana, Corpus Christi, Dallas, and Fort Worth. They come to us after receiving referrals from other professionals or doing their research on different optometric vision therapy practices. These patients often tell us that Dr. Larson’s optometric vision therapy expertise and the OCVT team’s commitment to personalized patient care make the drive worthwhile.

OCVT always encourages prospective patients to be objective in their research and choose the vision therapy practice that is best for them or their child. We are happy to serve new patients who have decided that OCVT is the best practice for them.

Our Services

Our Services

At OCVT, we limit our services to vision therapy, vision therapy evaluations, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, pediatric optometry, and other vision therapy-related services. To ensure that our expertise and resources are devoted to providing our patients with the best vision therapy services, we refer all non-vision therapy-related services to other optometry practices.

You can learn more about our vision therapy services for kids and adults here.

Our Services

Vision Therapy for Children

According to the American Optometric Association, as much as 80% of a child’s learning involves the visual system, and one out of every ten children has a vision problem that affects their ability to learn.

If you believe your child has an undiagnosed visual system problem, OCVT can perform an evaluation. A certified developmental optometrist will customize an in-clinic vision therapy program based on the results of the evaluation. We recognize that working with children is different than working with adults, and we strive to make our vision therapy for kids fun and engaging.

Does Vision Therapy Work for Adults?

It’s a common misconception that vision therapy is only for children, and that it’s too late for adults with an undiagnosed vision problem to seek treatment. OCVT regularly treats adults who are experiencing vision problems based on conditions like brain injuries, balance disorders, and digital eye strain. Our team of optometrists and vision therapists can develop a program to help you improve your visual processing and oculomotor skills. We believe it’s never too late to start improving the health of your eyes.

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

Many conditions can be treated with vision therapy. We often see patients with conditions including:

  • Learning-Related Disorders. Vision therapy for children with learning disorders can help bring efficiency and processing skills up to age-appropriate levels, allowing kids to achieve their best in the classroom.
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). Vision therapy for amblyopia teaches the brain to receive feedback from both eyes to increase acuity and binocular functioning.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our vision therapists can assist patients with some of the sensory integration problems that often occur with ASD.
  • Brain Injuries. Our team can help retrain visual skills in patients who have experienced a traumatic brain injury.
  • Dyslexia. While vision therapy can’t cure this language-based processing disorder, it can help children improve their reading by addressing visual deficiencies.
  • Strabismus (Eye Turns). Vision therapy helps to correct eye misalignment and visual processing errors caused by strabismus.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the conditions we’ve treated with behavioral and developmental vision therapy. If you suspect that you or a loved one has any undiagnosed vision problem, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an evaluation.

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Learning-related Vision Disorders
Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Balance / Dizziness Disorders
Behavioral-related Vision Deficiencies
Brain Injury
Convergence Insufficiency / Eye Teaming
Eye Focusing Problems
Eye Tracking Deficiencies
Learning Challenges – Giftedness
Special Needs
Sports Enhancement Needs
Strabismus (Eye Turns)
Visual Processing Deficiencies

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