Our Vision Therapy Services

At the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy, we limit our services to vision therapy, vision therapy evaluations, neuro-optometric rehabilitation, pediatric optometry, and other types of vision therapy. To ensure our expertise and resources are fully devoted to providing our patients with the best optometric vision therapy services, we refer all non-vision therapy related services to other optometry practices.

Patients from El Paso, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Texarkana, Dallas, and Fort Worth travel to the OCVT practice in Austin because of Dr. Larson’s optometric vision therapy expertise and her commitment to providing personalized patient care.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an individualized program of prescribed activities using specialized instruments and computer technology to redevelop and strengthen the neuro-connections between the brain and the visual system, which improves deficient visual skills. By repeating your vision therapy exercises, you’ll develop skills that will allow you to succeed in work, academia, and sports environments. Vision therapy is the treatment of choice for diagnosed visual disorders that contribute to reading and learning difficulties. Ongoing evidenced-based clinical research supports the efficacy of vision therapy.

OCVT’s vision therapy treatment program consists of doctor-prescribed and supervised weekly one-on-one sessions directed by a highly trained vision therapist. A specialized program of activities is implemented at home to reinforce the skills developed in the clinic. Our optometrists conduct regular progress evaluations to monitor progress and modify treatments as needed. A vision therapy program duration is dependent on the severity levels of performance on standardized testing, signs and symptoms, and each patient’s individual needs. We offer low vision, binocular vision, and double vision therapy, among many other treatments. The program can vary from a few weeks to several months.

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Pediatric Optometry

Healthy eyes and vision are especially important for infants and children. The visual skills developed during early life set the foundation for future learning. Early detection and intervention of vision problems are critical for young children to achieve their full potential.

Make sure your child gets the treatment they need, such as eye therapy for double vision or binocular vision therapy. Even if your child is unable to respond or read, your OCVT doctor can provide an accurate evaluation using specialized procedures and the latest technology.

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Vision Care for Special Needs

OCVT provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive care for individuals requiring special attention.

This care includes treatment of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Fragile X syndrome, and hearing and visual impairments. Medical research indicates that individuals with these conditions have a higher incidence of vision condition and need various types of vision therapy.

Your doctor’s goal is to understand everyone’s visual needs to promote optimal development, education, function, and comfort.  Recommended treatment may include vision correction (glasses/contacts), vision therapy, environmental modifications, and referrals to specialists.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Visual problems are the most common result of brain injury. Research shows that more than 50% of individuals suffering from neurological injuries have visual and visual-cognitive disorders. Visual disorders interfering with the healing and rehabilitative process are often undetected and misdiagnosed from standard eye exams that show normal eyesight and eye health. Your neuro-optometric evaluations at OCVT go far beyond eyesight and eye health and can lead to low vision therapy and other solutions for your injuries.

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Our Goals

The goal of your neuro-optometric treatment program is to eliminate visual-related signs and symptoms, advance the outcome of other rehabilitative services, and improve quality of life.  Following your neuro-optometric evaluations at OCVT, your doctor will administer a consultation with you to discuss all test results and treatment recommendations. Your treatment program may include specialized lenses, filters, prisms, vision therapy for double vision and other disorders, and referrals to other specialists. Schedule a consultation today.