As a society, we often assume that gifted children and adults are exempt from learning problems. However, just because someone overperforms academically does not mean they don’t experience vision problems. Though gifted students may perform above-average academically, their success can mask underlying visual deficiencies, including tracking and eye teaming from convergence insufficiency.

At the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy, we evaluate gifted individuals holistically to determine the course of vision therapy treatment that’s right for you or your child. With comprehensive visual evaluations, our team of developmental optometrists and vision therapists can identify potential visual deficiencies and create an individualized program to help gifted individuals reach their full potential.

The Visual Challenges of Gifted and Talented Students

At OCVT, we’re proud to work with gifted students. Too often, these students get overlooked because they perform well in school. However, they may be struggling with visual issues and learning problems that could be limiting their potential, including:

• Convergence Insufficiency — A visual problem where both eyes have issues focusing inward on close objects.
• Poor Hand-Eye Coordination — Many gifted students have average to poor hand-eye coordination, which can cause them social problems in addition to learning issues. Vision therapy can help retrain the eyes and hands to work in tandem.
• Amblyopia — Often referred to as lazy eye, amblyopia refers to when the brain and eyes aren’t working well together. In many cases, the muscles are involved, and an eye turn is present making the eye appear like a “lazy eye.”
• Eye-teaming Issues — Also known as binocular vision, this skill enables both eyes to work together in a coordinated way
• Computer Vision Syndrome — Sometimes referred to as digital eye strain, this is a condition resulting from prolonged computer, tablet, and cell phone usage.

Any one or more of these visual challenges can prevent a gifted student from succeeding to the best of their ability.

Treatment for Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities

Fortunately, treatment for gifted students with visual disorders doesn’t often require surgery or major interventions. A course of vision therapy from the Optometry Center for Vision Therapy can re-train their eyes to function correctly, remedying a wide variety of the above issues.

Even for students who already succeed academically, these changes can make an impact on their lives, allowing their natural gifts to shine through. Many students can make significant progress within a short time, accelerating their reading potential and other skills.

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