Children’s Optometrists for Vision Needs

Healthy vision is important for everyone, especially children and teenagers in school. Vision screenings by pediatricians or school nurses are important to alert parents of visual problems. However, they do not take the place of a complete eye evaluation. Most vision screenings only identify 5% of the vision problems affecting children.

To detect visual deficiencies that affect school and sports performance, the American Optometry Association recommends a complete vision evaluation the summer prior to entering kindergarten. Exams should continue yearly as academic and visual demands increase. If your child exhibits any signs of immediate visual impairment, seek help from a pediatric vision care specialist near you.

Undetected Vision Problems

60% of students identified as “problem learners” have undetected vision problems. If not properly tested by a children’s eye doctor, vision problems can remain undetected and cause profound learning problems.

Most children have no context for comparing the way they see to others, which impairs their ability to communicate or understand vision problems. As a parent, you must diligently monitor your child’s behavior and communicate openly about difficulties reading, seeing, and completing schoolwork.

Your Child’s Visit to a Child Optometrist Near You

As a child develops the ability to speak and communicate ideas, he or she is better able to help the doctor diagnose visual impairment. Unlike an infant’s experience at OCVT, a child or teen’s experience will be more communicative and comprehensive. With a more developed brain and understanding of vision, an older child or teenager can describe vision problems more accurately. Children’s eye doctors at OCVT know how to recognize vision problems in children from the information these young patients provide.

The Exam 

When you schedule an evaluation at OCVT, your child will undergo a sophisticated examination that includes:

  • Case History – To help determine if your child is working up to his or her potential, your doctor will review your child’s academic, personal, medical, and developmental history.
  • Testing – Hands-on testing will include the use of specialized instruments designed to evaluate your child’s vision, a comprehensive eye health evaluation, and a close look at the same vision-related skills listed under the infant section of this page.

OCVT uses the most advanced vision therapy techniques and diagnostic methods to determine how best to care for your child.

The Consultation

Following the exam, your doctor will evaluate the results of the tests and formulate recommendations for further treatment based on those results, including pediatric vision therapy and care from our practice. Your doctor will share his or her professional opinion and offer you options for continuing to improve your child’s visual and cognitive function.

Pediatric Vision Care from Children’s Optometrists Near You

OCVT’s experienced team ensures that children have the chance to perceive the world at maximum capacity. Our pediatric vision care is a source of pride for our organization, and we want to show you what a difference we can make in your child’s life.

Bring your concerns about your child’s vision to us today, and we’ll start finding the best way to treat his or her visual problems for good. You can even fill out our form to get a complementary consultation with our team and find out if OCVT could be a good fit for your child’s needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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