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The doctors and medical professionals at OCVT are always educating themselves and improving to increase our vision therapy success rate. Led by Dr. Larson, the only FNORA professional in Texas, OCVT achieves vision therapy effectiveness in many of our patients. Named Austin’s Best Vision Therapy Practice in 2015 by the Austin Chronicle, we create vision therapy success stories every day for our patients and their families.

Some people walk into OCVT asking, “Does vision therapy work?” Not only do our vision therapy reviews speak for themselves, but we’ve received numerous awards for our dedication to our patients and distinction in vision therapy. Dr. Larson, Founder and Executive Director has received exemplary awards and credentials for excellence in vision therapy and rehabilitation that distinguishes her from other vision therapy providers.

At OCVT, we pride ourselves on our customers’ positive experiences. Here are just a few vision therapy testimonials from happy parents and patients.

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Written Testimonials

Graduation Date: August 20, 2014

“I could not read and I felt stupid. Therapy was bard but now I can read. I can read the Bible and books Now that I can read, I can go to college. I thought I would never read but now I can. I am even getting a smartphone and can text my friends. I liked working with Ms. Ashley and Ms. Rachael.”

  • Ryan

“Ryan is on the autism spectrum and has done various types of therapies since age 3 but this has been the most life-changing for him. He went from nearly being able to read 3 letter words to reading chapters in a book by himself. We have watched Ryan blossom and his confidence skyrocket. OCVT therapists & staff were easy to work with and very helpful always! The care & concern that Ryan received from them was amazing. We are so glad that God brought us to their doorstep. We are so pleased at the improvements we have seen.”

  • Parents of Ryan

“What exceptional service! Everyone is so incredibly nice and happy all the time. How is it possible to have so many smiling people in one place? My daughter fusses the whole ride over because she doesn’t want to leave school early, but as soon as we walk into OCVT she gets giddy with excitement. We love coming here.”

• Parent of Eleanor, age – 5

What an amazing Journey! …your informative website led us to you. We immediately felt at ease and welcomed by Dr. Larson and the staff’s professionalism and kindness…made the weekly 4-hour return trip worthwhile. It is exciting to see such amazing improvements in so many areas of Stormi’s life. Her reading improved at a remarkable rate, in a 6-week span she went from reading at 2 levels below grade level to reading at grade level. …wish your program and testing could be standard for our nation’s children…we have referred so many children and parents to your program.”

  • Mom of Stormi, age – 7

“…thank you for helping me with my eyes. Before, I could not read as well, now I can. I liked vision therapy.”

  • Brady, age – 8

“…before OCVT, Brady hated reading, a constant battle to read a simple passage…very frustrating & exhausting for the entire family to get Brady through homework…his therapist, Allie is such a blessing to our entire family, incredibly patient and understanding; always excited to see Brady…it made him feel special every week. Reading is no longer a chore; the difference in our son is life changing…Brady has also found a new love for sports now that he can track and catch the ball.…Impressed most about OCVT’s professionalism and the pride and care for what they do, we felt treated like royalty but as a family and it was constant for an entire year. Thank you OCVT, you have changed our household forever.”

  • Parents of Brady, age – 8
“Dear Dr. Larson,
Thank you for helping Zachary… Improvements are: school work is now easy, more pleasure and endurance in reading, improved grades in school and improved eye-hand coordination in sports… You are an excellent diagnostician and we so appreciate your expertise, warmth, professionalism and passion for what you do… The OCVT staff is a great group of practitioners, highly trained, conscientious and committed… I will continue to refer people to you.With deep gratitude and appreciation,
  • Mom of Zachary, age – 9

Our family has had a wonderful experience at OCVT….what my children has accomplished will make them stronger readers and learners. OCVT has helped my children reach their full potential in school and sports. We will be eternally grateful. The staff at OCVT has made coming to therapy so enjoyable; my children loved their therapists and felt so cared about…we will miss you all! The individualized care is the best I have ever seen.

  • Parents of Joseph, age – 7 and Ella, age – 9 

What an awesome team! Simeon’s journey with OCVT has been of major accomplishments and improvement. His focus, comprehension and reading speed improved and he is able to keep pace with his class… a real pleasure working with OCVT, I highly recommend them.

  • Mom of Simeon, age – 9

“…before vision therapy I couldn’t catch a ball, now I can!…will miss Ms. Ashton and Ms. Ashley, they are so nice and helpful…the improvements are amazing, can see the whiteboard and I have better grades. I am so happy!!! “

  • Sarah, age – 10

“ ..We are ever grateful to OCVT. Sarah was an avid reader at an early age. All of a sudden at 8, she stopped wanting to read, saying it was too hard, the words were not clear. Treatment at OCVT has been a blessing. Sarah has thoroughly enjoyed coming every week, looking forward to the therapy and the awesome therapists. It was fun and she WANTED to do it. She has improved 100 %, back to being an avid reader, she reads all the time. Her reading level has soared and her confidence has taken off.

We can’t thank the doctors and therapists enough, will miss everyone at OCVT. Thanks to you, Sarah is a success!! Forever thankful.

  • Mom of Sarah, age – 10

“Our son came to OCVT 7 months ago with convergence Insufficiency unaware of the problem at that time…he was no longer an “A” student…seemed to be goofing off in the classroom, homework was a struggle, and did not like to read anymore…-used to be above average in reading level and now just barely at level. Your program has helped him tremendously, his vision is corrected, and he once again loves school; grades are in the high “A’s” and his reading is above level. The staff at OCVT is beyond fantastic. Your office is always an inviting place and everyone is so pleasant…we commend you on the quality of work you do and the caliber of people you have working for you; it is a rarity these days.

  • Parents of Robert, age – 10

Dear Dr. Larson, Wow!! What an incredible journey this has been…so difficult to put into words the gratitude and appreciation that we have for you (without tears!!). So many prayers answered and so many miracles that have happened for Grayson over the last 10 months. You and your staff have been so awesome and courteous we did not mind our travel of 2 ½ hours, one way every Saturday. In only 10 months, we have gone from poor sports performance, numerous hours and resistance to homework, daily headaches, and decreased self-confidence to a whole different child with 100 % depth perception, improved eye tracking and visual memory and no eye turn! He is confident, has improved concentration and attention to detail and is making excellent grades. You are truly a blessing to our family; words cannot express how we feel about you and your staff…. I am having serious separation anxiety. You are incredible and the job you are doing is changing lives for a lifetime.

  • Parents of Grayson, age – 10  

“Thanks to OCVT, I have overcome the visual deficiencies I have struggled with my whole life.

After Vision therapy, able to read and complete work with greater ease and less fatigue than ever before… and benefits with my music. Prior to coming to OCVT, could not play the guitar and follow sheet music at the same time while playing classical music. Now, can sight read, play pieces that I have never seen before. For the benefits I now enjoy and for ones I will in the future, Thank you Dr. Larson and everyone at OCVT.”

  • Mitchel, age – 17

“Dear Dr. Larson, thank you for helping me achieve wonderful results from Vision Therapy. Ever since 10th Grade…had difficulty reading and for many years did not know the reason why…even convinced myself I had ADD… I was very lucky to have found your practice…currently a graduate student at UT, and would not have been able to survive my 1st year without your help. You and your staff were incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and supporting. Thank you for everything.”

Update 2013

“….set to defend my Ph. D. dissertation and graduate this spring…in my department at UT, only one other person in the last decade finished a Ph. D. faster…starting a faculty job at an Indiana University this fall…Can’t thank you and your staff enough for helping me so much. I hope my story serves as a symbol for your younger patients that no matter how tough school seems, it will get better. And for your older patients, it is never too late to get help

  • William, age – 28

“About a year ago, when reading or doing paper work, I suddenly started having headaches, nausea and double vision. Words and pictures seemed to move on the page. I am a teacher and thus have to read and write a lot…could not read for more than a few minutes without feeling sick. After vision therapy, my vision is normal, no more headaches and nausea…how wonderful to now read a book! Thank you Dr. Larson & Staff, your professionalism, knowledge, encouragement and kindness have made such a difference in my life.

  • Allison, age – 43

“…Huge difference, reduced headaches, less anxiety, don’t live in fear, can now remember, I now believe in myself and my ability to learn. I have never experienced such commitment and care as provided by the OCVT staff. ”

  • Gaye, age – 58

“My husband, Kyle, began OCVT’s Vision Therapy Program 6 months after a massive stroke that affected 2/3’s of his left hemisphere. Due to decreased vision/blindness in half the visual field, Doctors advised no driving. Kyle’s main goal was to drive and read again. He could only focus on one word at a time and phrases were out of the question. His initial exam at OCVT, showed no depth perception and eyes not working together. Dr. Larson was very optimistic and assured us he was a good candidate for the program.

I was skeptical at first but willing to try anything that might help. After only 2 months of therapy, Kyle was able to see 3D images and passed a thorough adaptive driving evaluation by St. David’s Rehabilitation Program. Improvement continued and by the end of the program his binocular vision, convergence, and divergence was better than mine! Now able to read an entire paragraph and pass the comprehension evaluation with 70-80% success. His therapist, Ashley Coley, went above and beyond customizing the program for his specific needs. His neurologist and speech therapist are amazed at the progress he has made. Thank you, OCVT, for giving Kyle his independence back!

• RE, wife of adult patient

There’s no need to ask, “does vision therapy really work?” after reading these testimonials. These vision therapy results from happy parents and patients show the effectiveness of the work we do every day. Learn more about the benefits of vision therapy and how it can improve the life of you or your child today. With so many positive vision therapy reviews, it’s clear that OCVT is the premier location in Texas for eye disorders.

Through hard work and the help of a licensed vision therapist, you can achieve results you wouldn’t have thought possible. Dr. Larson and her staff are dedicated to diagnosing your vision issues and determining a treatment plan and solution through vision therapy. Schedule a consultation with OCVT today and begin your vision therapy success story.