OCVT parents share their story describing how vision therapy improved their son’s academics and his performance on the baseball field.

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Video Transcription:

SHELLY: Hi, I’m Shelly Van Pelt and this is my husband Clay, and our son Karson Van Pelt is 10 years old. He has been coming to vision therapy and it has made an amazing difference in everything in his daily life. I’m a teacher – we started seeing struggles when he was in second grade. With reading, he was a very slow reader, with [low] fluency and comprehension. As an educator, I was very concerned. We went to Sylvan for over a year, [which] didn’t fix the problems that we were seeing. Some of my coworkers were concerned that dyslexia was an issue – as an educator, I didn’t see that, but we went ahead and checked that out and it came back that he was not dyslexic. So we were very blessed to have come in contact with vision therapy, and it has made an amazing difference in his fluency, his comprehension, his self-confidence, his grades at school. In third grade he didn’t pass the STARR test at all, and in fourth grade he passed all three sections of the STARR test. It has just been the answer to all of our prayers, and I’m so blessed. He also saw such a huge jump in his baseball abilities, which I’ll let my husband touch on that.

CLAY: The biggest difference I saw in Karson after going through the vision therapy was just his confidence in everything in life. He seemed like he just blossomed. Especially this past spring in baseball, he was all of a sudden able to start hitting the ball – just knocking the cover off the ball. He’d come back to the dugout and just have a big smile and was so proud of himself – just confidence. He said, “Hey Dad, I can actually see the ball! It’s so much bigger now, I can actually see it and make contact!” And I said, “Of course, that’s good!” Even on his fielding, he’s made such leaps and bounds of being able to see the ball and field it and complete the throw. Overall, his confidence in everyday life is just amazing, and we attribute that to the therapy.

SHELLY: And after meeting with Ms. Ashley and seeing some of the little things, it makes so much sense why he was struggling the way he was struggling. His eye tracking, his eye teaming – it just makes so much sense. And as an educator, I know there are probably lots of children who could benefit from this service, and it has been a huge blessing and we are so very thankful to the whole team here.

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