Matthew’s Story

Matthew and his Mom talk about his vision therapy program and how it helped Matthew on his STAAR Test and in the classroom. What a great accomplishment, Matthew!


Question: “What brought you to OCVT?”

Ivy: The reason why we brought Matthew to vision therapy is because he was having trouble with comprehension and focusing and eye teaming. Everyone here in the office has done a great job welcoming us every time and the therapy just took an hour once a week and it made him much better reading and focusing and comprehending in school. His grades went up from being a B-C student to an A-B student. And then also with the STAAR Test on his ELA Test it went like 300 points up from the last time he had taken it. So, it had improved everything, and we look forward to the next years in High School.

Question: “How did Vision Therapy help you?”

Matthew: Vision Therapy has helped me focus in class and be able to see at the back of the class. And it also helped me focus on the STAAR Test and helped me pass the STAAR Test.

Question: “What was your favorite part about Vision Therapy?”

Matthew: The eye teaming games and the eye patch.