Mother: The entire vision program has transformed your life. What do you think?

Son: Well, it helped my eyes not get too tired while I was reading my book late at night.

M: Right? Because remember your eyes would get really tired and they would water. And now it’s not doing that anymore. Tell me, what activities have you started doing since your eyesight got so much better?

S: Basketball, martial arts, coding.

M: What about books? Are you reading a lot these days?

S: Yes. Currently, I’m reading three books.

M: Yeah. How are your grades?

S: They are all A’s.

M: Are they all A’s?!

S: (Smiling) Yeah.

M: Ok, well as a mom, I can say that this vision program has just been so amazing to witness. I had a child who didn’t want to read books. Books were un-fun. Books were a struggle.  And we’re talking about Pre-K books. And now I have a child who is reading The Hunger Games and will read a hundred pages at a sitting. And I’ll have to tell him to stop. A mother’s dream. But more than that, he’s just super engaged in life. He wants to do everything. He wants to try everything. He’s playing sports. He’s getting amazing grades.

S: Well, I just remembered a moment, one time at a party. I was bored. So, I just pulled out a book, started reading. But then my parents said, “This is a party. You can’t read here.”

(Both laughing)

M: Um, some really amazing people. And from top to the bottom, this is just an amazing organization and our life and Harlan’s life is forever changed. I am so proud of Harlan and I am so insanely grateful to all the people here who have been helpful on our journey.

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