Strabismus (Eye Turns)

Strabismus, often referred to as an eye turn, is a condition that describes the improper alignment of the eyes. The deviation of one eye often is due to the lack of coordination between the muscles of the eyes. The inability for both eyes to point in the same direction and feed the brain with the same visual information can result in double vision or the appearance of two images inaccurately overlapping. In order to avoid visual confusion, as an adaptation, the brain can learn to suppress/disregard the image seen by the turning eye, which can consequently cause binocular vision dysfunction and the lack of depth perception (3-D vision). Vision therapy helps reduce or correct the eye misalignment, and train the brain to simultaneously use both eyes to merge the images seen by each eye into a single 3-D piece of information. Additionally, vision therapy works on the reinforcement of neurological pathways that ensure eye teaming in all gazes and over a range of distances.

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