Visual Processing Deficiencies

Visual processing skills, also known as visual perceptual skills, are crucial in analyzing and processing visual information. The ability to accurately interpret what is being seen is as important as the ability to correctly capture an image and relay it to the brain. When looking at an object, our eye teaming and eye focusing systems allow us to see a clear and 3-D image, but it is our visual information processing skills that allow us to understand what we see and give the image meaning. Visual perceptual processing is segmented into categories that include, but are not limited to: visual spatial, visual analysis, visual memory, visual-auditory, visual-vestibular and visual-motor skills. Individuals who have problems with visual processing skills, may present symptoms such as inability to differentiate right from left, letter and number reversals, difficulty remembering what is read or poor handwriting. These visual perceptual deficits often interfere with efficient learning in a classroom environment. If a visual perceptual problem is suspected, it is highly advised to consult an optometrist, who may recommend specific evaluations using standardized testing.

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