Visual Processing Disorders

Visual Processing DisordersIn continuance of our “Vision Is More Than 20/20” campaign, we wanted to take a moment to educate our community on another vision deficiency that can be present even with 20/20 vision. This month we will be highlighting another common issue we see in our office: visual processing disorders.

What is a visual processing disorder?

A visual processing disorder refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information that is taken in through the eyes. In other words, visual processing disorders occur when the brain has difficulty processing the information that the eyes take in and has little to do with the quality of the vision or eyesight of the patient. However, having difficulties with vision can affect how information is interpreted or pressed by your brain.

Those who have a visual processing disorder tend to struggle in 3 areas of reading and writing:

  • Visual Word Memory Problems
  • Letter and Symbol Reversal
  • Contrast Sensitivity

Unfortunately, visual processing issues cannot be fully “cured.” However, there are strategies that can improve your symptoms to help you function normally. A combination of vision therapy and educational therapy are typically successful in helping patients with visual processing disorders.

How Vision and Educational Therapy Can Help

Vision therapy can help with eye coordination issues while education therapy can help to find solutions to the struggles from visual processing disorder. If you or your child have a vision problem as well as dyslexia, we will be able to resolve these issues and help devote more energy to finding strategies that will help the brain process information correctly.

Our educational therapy services can help you or your child develop a plan of action to work around weaknesses associated with visual processing disorders. There are many tasks that we can show you how to do in school and at home to reduce frustration and help you succeed with daily tasks. Remember, we are here to assist you every step of the way!

Before undergoing educational or vision therapy it’s important to have a complete evaluation by your doctor. Many other conditions can have similar symptoms and it’s important to rule out any concerns about your vision before seeking treatment. If a visual processing disorder is confirmed, our friendly and experienced staff will customize your therapy to meet your specific needs as each individual is unique.
If you have any questions regarding visual processing disorders, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact The Optometry Center for Vision Therapy today.

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